We Won’t Have the DTLA Chin Ma Ya To Push Around Anymore

DSC07524Anybody who has eaten at Chin Ma Ya in Little Tokyo in the past year probably won’t be surprised by this news… they will be closing on January 20th.  2 1/2 years ago it may have been the best place in Downtown L.A. to get kara-age and tan tan mien, but it has been slowly going downhill ever since.  Part of me feels a little bit saddened by the news, but if it’s being replaced by Ikemen that feeling won’t last long. Goodbye old friend.



  • That really fucking sucks.. and to think I’m a restaurateur and I KNOW I should have supported the best fucking KARAAGE in town.. bummer. I guess in an all-out (and very tasty) LA Ramen War there do have to be casualties. :(

    I salute you o’ ramen restaurant most people didn’t know because they went upstairs for the spiciest ramen challenge in town instead!

    Much love (especially when we first opened up the original SK),


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    I live downtown and am saddened to hear this restaurant is closing. I don’t agree with the author that it has gone downhill.

    The core menu items — Tan Tan Men, Chin Ma Han, Soboro Gohan — have always been go-to good, cheap (if unhealthy) meals.

    This is a simple restaurant that anybody could afford and I hope they find a way to keep it alive.

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    I went to CMY a couple years ago and was pretty unimpressed. It wasn’t terrible, just not special in any way. With all the good ramen in LA, and even in Little Tokyo (Shin Sen Gumi, Men Oh, and, yes, still Daikokuya), there is no reason to have ramen at a place that doesn’t specialize in it.

    And there is no reason, ever, to eat ramen at Orochon.

    As for karaage – I like Ramen Yamadaya’s version.

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