Your First Look at Chego’s Newly Revamped Menu

Did you know you can now eat in at Chego during lunchtime?

Its there anything more exciting than when your favorite neighborhood lunch spot, the one that you’ve eaten at a million times, changes up their menu?  Most places will do it gradually or with the seasons, subtly swapping out a few dishes here and there.  Of course there is nothing subtle about Roy Choi’s food, so nobody should be surprised that the new menu at Chego (which just launched yesterday) amounts to a bit of an atom bomb explosion.  Sure, we were warned weeks ago on the Kogi blog that it was coming.  But now that it’s here, it’s hard not to be excited and overwhelmed by all the changes…


If you were a fan of the ooey gooey fries, don’t worry. They’re back. But everything else on the starters menu is different.  This roast kabocha pudding cup w/ fennel and seasonal veggies ($4) will ensure that nobody misses the charred summer squash.


There’s also egg rolls with mushroom tofu chive filling and soy garlic fish sauce ($5) and two news salads to replace the meatballs, kimchi platter, grilled romaine and the ultra popular $12 salad that only cost $7.  You can see a photo of those here… but what we really care about are the new bowls!


The chicken adobo bowl ($8), which has bounced around on the specials menu over the past month or two has been officially called up to the majors along with the Leafy T, the vegetarian version of the Beefy T (a spicy fried rice dish, which also made the final cut.)


Vegetarians will also be excited by the Kung PAU Noodle Bowl, Chego’s first noodle dish.  Judging by the description, the noodles are the same ones you get in Korean spicy seafood noodle soup, but in Chego’s version they come sauteed with baby bok choy, chillies, garlic soy paste, lemongrass and thai basil ($8).


The biggest loss (aside from the $12 salad) is the Buttered Kimchi Chow, which has been replaced by a kimchi spam bowl featuring “fried rice, scrambled eggs and baby bok choy w/ a touch of butter and toasted sesame.” ($8) It’s early to say for sure, but I don’t think I’m going to miss the B.K.C.


As vegetarian friendly as the new Chego menu is (which makes sense considering Roy Choi’s Mike D inspired epiphany a few months ago) I think the real winner might be steak lovers! Not only did the Beefy T, the Prime Rib, and the steak sandwich make the cut, but the final new addition to the menu features a skirt steak. Meet, The Chego Man’s BBQ Bowl featuring a “Korean barbecued skirt steak, 2 scoops of rice and gaenip kimchi.” ($9)

Oh, and before the dessert lovers have a heart attack I should say that menu remains the same- with one new addition. A Taiwanese style “shave ice sundae” featuring sweetened condensed milk, fresh fruit, and red beans. ($5)

You’d have to be a real dick to pass judgement or nitpick all the new items being served on the very first lunch service, especially considering that tweaks will likely be made as the weeks go on. But I will say that if you are an unabashed fan of Roy Choi, you will enjoy eating your way through this new menu. All the new dishes are 100% Chego, through and through, making the bomb drop feel less like an explosion as a rearranging of atoms.

Check out the complete menu over on the Chego website.



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