Zam Zam Market Expands Menu, Now Open 7 Days a Week


As amazing as the food at Zam Zam Market is, even I’ll admit there are a number of things holding it back from becoming a go to spot in L.A. for Pakistani food.  First, the food is too amazing. Well, too authentic anyway. (Aka, not made for white people.) Most Angelenos are probably not interested in picking through a biriyani minefield, trying to avoid bones, cardamom pods, whole peppercorns and red chilies (although I’m proud to say my 3 1/2 year old son is not one of those people!) They’ve also got the weirdest hours- for anybody who isn’t intimately familiar with the prayer schedule at the mosque just up the street whose congregants make up the bulk of the customer base at Zam Zam. Aaaand there’s the big Dept of Health “C” on the door, the overrun by zombies decor, and the lack of a fixed menu. Did I mention the food is really freakin spicy?

Well, it appears as if a few of those issues have been fixed! As of last week Zam Zam Market is now open 7 days a week from 11am to 9pm. And they’ve added a bunch of new menu items, including a ridiculously huge $9 mix plate that you have to see to believe.


$9 gets you their amazing biryani, two curry options from a new steam table, a grilled item (kebab or tandoori chicken), fresh baked naan, and chutney.  The day I was there they had a lamb korma, a chicken korma, and a chicken karahi- which at Zam Zam is aPakistani version of chicken tikka masala that is more about the tomatoes and less about the cream.  They gave me half a beef chapli kebab, but if they have tandoori chicken ready to go (or you’re willing to wait 15 minutes for them to cook you a fresh piece) you can request that instead. The two curries I tried were both great (the lamb and the chicken karahi), and I love the variety you can now get in the lunch box, but the biriyani is still the star of the show.

So excited these guys are open 7 days a week now… it’ll be interesting to see if they can expand beyond their captive Muslim audience.  I sure hope so.

Zam Zam Market, 11028 W. Washington Blvd. 310-331-2504

Big thanks to the tipster who posted this news in the comments.



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