Park’s Finest Starts “Worker Wednesday” $10 Lunchtime Steal


Great news out of Park’s Finest, the upgraded from a catering company Filipino barbecue brick and mortar just outside of Downtown L.A. A few weeks ago they introduced “Worker Wednesdays”, a new lunch special that includes coconut beef, pulled pork, sausage links, chicken, cornbread, veggies and rice. And the best part is, this greatest hits platter costs just $10.  It’s only on Wednesdays, but it’s hard to complain once you see what you get for your money.  Order the special solo (or to go) and you get the borderline massive plate seen above.  Go with a big crew, and they’ll most likely serve you family style.  Last Wednesday we went as a party of four, paid $10 a piece and got this ridiculous feast…


Ann’s Cornbread Bibingka – Sweet and moist, this cornbread is so damn good.  One piece per person, but you better grab yours quick or it’ll probably get snagged by a “friend”.


Hot links & Longanisa – You read that right!  They now serve Filipino sausage along with the hot links they’ve had since opening.  And you get both in this lunch special.


San Pablo Pulled Pork – If they don’t bring it out, make sure you ask for Park’s sweet and spicy BBQ sauce. So good.


Mama Leah’s Coconut Beef – On my first visit to Park’s this was hands down my favorite dish, and on this visit it didn’t disappoint.  But my new favorite might be (prepared to be shocked)…


Taal Manok Chicken – Charred and smokey with a hint of sweetness, I was kind of blown away by this chicken (and that doesn’t happen often with chicken.)  It was especially surprising because on my first visit I remember thinking it wasn’t worth wasting space on.  Lesson learned…  I’ll never doubt you again Filipino BBQ chicken.


And there’s grilled veggies and rice to round out the lunch.  Did I mention all of this was just $10 a person?   The bad news is, they only offer this special during lunchtime on Wednesdays.  The good news?  Today is Wednesday!  See you there?

The Park’s Finest, 1267 W Temple St. 213-247-4909


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