Lunch Links (The “Somebody Wants to Be Like DiFara’s” Edition)

Photo courtesy of Slice/Kelly Bone

  • WEST LA SliceTruck finishes their slices with olive oil, parmesan and fresh basil [Slice]
  • BEV HILLS U-Sushi rolls are $3 all day on Monday! [Squid Ink]
  • DTLA The $13 bento at Oomasa is pretty good [The Minty]
  • MID CITY God I wish this al pastor place was open for lunch [Squid Ink]
  • MID CITY Golden State is opening a Bludso’s on La Brea!? [LA Times]
  • WEST LA The Naked Ramen at Tatsu is like a modern Hiyashi Chuka [Squid Ink]


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  • Slicetruck is no DiFara, but it’s pretty damn good. My one annoyance is they insist upon using chunks of tomato on their Grandma pies.

    While that’s technically correct, very few places back East do it that way. The best Grandma slices have something on the edge of crushed tomato and sauce. The big chunks of tomato taste too metallic and become tiresome after a while.

    That’s not to say their Grandma isn’t good, but it could be even better with, say, the fresh tomato sauce Hollywood Pies on their pizza.

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