Short Order Finally Launches Lunch Specials


If you were one of those people (read: cheap bastards like me) who found the menu at Short Order, the Nancy Silverton backed burger concept in The Original Farmer’s Market, to be way too expensive for a casual lunch- a reprieve has finally arrived.  Short Order has announced the launch of lunch specials.  Now $14 will get you a grass fed cheeseburger with a side order of house fries or their signature spuds, plus a soda.  For $3 more you can get a beer instead, $7 more will get you a cocktail (the special is also offered during happy hour.)   It still doesn’t exactly feel cheap, but at that price it’s a lot easier to swallow than it was when the same lunch would cost you $18+.   And, I’m down with any deal that forces me to order those spuds.

Short Order, 6333 W 3rd St. 323-761-7970


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    I don’t get this whole myth that short order is SO expensive… when you compare it to Umami (which everyone tries to do), it’s maybe a dollar or two more a burger…but 1 the burgers are significantly larger and 2 the ingredients are the highest quality FARM FRESH..I guarantee their margin is way less on food alone than umami. Umami just doesn’t have jack on them when it comes to quality. Not to mention I think their burgers are simply–BETTER.

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