Lunch Links (The “Regularly Scheduled Programming Returns on Monday” Edition)

The #2 from Banh Mi My Tho, one of L.A. Best Places to Eat for Under $5

  • LIST 50 places to eat for under $5 [LAT]
  • DTLA Roy Choi will serve lunch at Mike D’s new MOCA installation [FITNR]
  • EAST LA The tamales at Guisados are also great [Squid Ink]
  • WEST LA The Slice Truck brick and mortar is now open [Eater]
  • WEST LA Tempura specialist Hannosuke is coming to Mitsuwa [Grub St]
  • PODCAST Check out this podcast featuring me giving tips for eating at work [The Sporkful]


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  • A buddy of mine brought a grandma pizza from Slicetruck over for dinner. Holy hell that was good! My only criticism is the tomato sauce could have a little more depth (tastes like plain crushed tomatoes) like my favorite grandma slices back east. But that’s a minor quibble — this was a great take on a classic. I was especially impressed with the crust.

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