Palsaik Samgyupsal’s Revamps Their Menu (Raises Price on 8 Flavors of Pork)


As soon as JGold discovered Palsaik Samgyupsal, the pork belly specialist that opened in Koreatown last summer, I did what I do with most places “The Guru” writes about: looked for a lunch menu! Like most places in K-Town, Palsaik has a lunch menu featuring various soups and stews for under $10. There’s a $10 galbi tang (short rib soup), a $10 soybean paste stew with seafood, and a $9 kimchi jigae. You can also order pork belly lunch special for $12, as long as you have at least two people- or else they don’t think it’s worth it to fire up the table top grill. The lunch specials come with two strips of pork belly, plus grilled bean sprouts.

But Palsaik’s main draw is their namesake 8 flavors of pork, featuring a long wooden board with jelly roll looking servings of pork belly in a rainbow of colors. It was $40 when I had it a few weeks ago and I had been planning on writing about how it makes the perfect lunch for four (in addition to two pieces of pork belly per person, and a seafood stew, they also make a fried rice for you on the grill at the end of the meal.)  It may not be the biggest $10 lunch K-Town has to offer, and most of my Korean friends could probably polish off the dish themselves with a little help from a friend or girlfriend.   But as a way to enjoy a quality pork belly lunch with friends, it was a totally sensible lunch for $10 a person.  Sadly, though, Palsaik revamped their menu last week and the 8 flavors of pork is now $50!  Total bummer for cheap bastards Midtown Lunchers like myself, looking to eat their signature dish during lunch.  Whether or not it’s still worth it for dinner, I’ll leave to others to decide…

Check out the new menu after the jump…

Palsaik Samgyupsal, 863 S. Western Avenue. 213-365-1750


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