Lunch Links (The “Spicy Rice Cake & Soondae” Edition)

Rice Cakes and Blood Sausage from Jang Tou Bossam. Photo by Food GPS

  • DTLA Congrats to Spice Table on their 1 year anniversary… [Squid Ink]
  • DTLA … hope they won’t have to move! [LADN via Grub Street]
  • HWOOD Fukuburger has added a falafel burger to the menu [Eater]
  • KTOWN Jang Tou Bossam has a $10 dukkboki/soodae combo [Food GPS]
  • KTOWN This goat stew looks worth the splurge! [Gastronomy]
  • LIST Vietnamese Food Flowchart: Where to go for Pho & Banh Mi [Squid Ink]


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