PROFILE: L.A. Lunch’er “Gil”

As is customary on Midtown Lunch, every Tuesday we profile a random reader to get their recommendations for the best spots to lunch near their work. This week we’re happy to welcome art curator Gil, the friend who introduced me to La Cienega Kebab House and took down that massive falafel in laffa at Ta-eem. Now it appears as if he’s become obsessed with Ink.Sack.

Name: Gil

Age: 30

Occupation: Writer/Curator

Where in L.A. do you Work?: SEGALprojects (art gallery), Currently in West Hollywood

Favorite Kind of Food: Cheese

Least Favorite Kind of Food: Salad

Favorite Place(s) to Eat Lunch: Soda Pops (349 North La Cienega Boulevard) – Veggie Reuben is ridiculously good. Ink Sack (8360 Melrose Ave) – I’m pretty sure the sandwiches contain meth, as there is no time in the day that I am not craving one. I am mad that they stopped making the “Nu-tella” sandwich. Apparently, I was the only person who ordered it.

The “goto” lunch place you and your co-workers eat at too often? Ink Sack and Soda Pops. I love sandwiches.

Places you’ve discovered thanks to Midtown Lunch: Ink Sack.

The farthest place you’ll drive for lunch on a normal day? I’m from NY, so I walk to work and I’ll definitely walk for food. If I’m craving sushi, I’ll walk to Izakaya on 3rd street. It’s a 20-minute walk from the gallery.

Dream job location (anywhere in the world), purely for lunch purposes, and why? NY for the pizza and everything else. Sorry LA, you’ll always be a distant second in my heart and stomach.

As always, if you want to be next week’s Profiled: L.A. Lunch’er (or know somebody you’d want to nominate), email me-


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  • Gil, have you tried Fundamental on Westwood? I’d be interesting to get your thoughts (or anyone else’s) of it compared to Nut-, er, Ink Sack.

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