Waffle Chix’s Sandwich is a Ton of Food For Under $10


I don’t know what it is about fried chicken and waffle that gets me so excited- oh, who am I kidding.  Of course I know what it is.  It’s the excuse to pour maple syrup over a piece of fried chicken (and enjoy it with a waffle!)  Now, I know what you’re thinking.  ”But Zach, you are a fat bastard.  Isn’t that excuse enough to pour maple syrup over your fried chicken, waffle or no waffle.”  Yes.  I suppose it is.  But doing it in a sanctioned environment somehow makes me feel better about myself.

So when I heard that Waffle Chix, a new fried chicken and waffle place, had opened in Westwood I figured I’d take one for team and go check it out.  You know… for you guys.


Seeing as Waffle Chix is a semi-fancy pants restaurant, located in Westwood Village, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find it a tad bit pricey.  But they somehow manage to keep everything under $10.


You can get a single piece of fried chicken with a super thin waffle (Roscoe’s Style) $8-9, or 3 wings and a waffle for $9. They also have a honey truffle drizzle for an extra $2.  It’s good, but I don’t know if it’s $2 good.  The real thing to order is the fried chicken waffle sandwich.


A fried chicken breast, with bacon, lettuce and tomato, sandwiched between 2 thick, Belgian style waffles. And it comes with a big cone of waffle fries or sweet potato fries! Somebody explain to me how this is only $1 more than a single piece of fried chicken and a super thin waffle.  My only complaint about the monstrosity was the slathered on mayo, that ended up ruining the crispiness of the fried chicken.  It also clashed with the maple syrup I was dipping my sandwich into. (Yes, I did.)


The sweet potato fries were standard issue… I think next time I’ll go for the waffle fries.

Replacement for Roscoe’s?  Definitely not.  And as a sandwich it’s not as good as Honey’s Kettle or even Ludo’s Truck.  But if I worked in Westwood, this sandwich would make it into my regular rotation (hold the mayo.)  It’s a massive amount of food for the price, and once again begs the question… “Fried chicken + waffle.  How can that be bad?)

THE + (What somebody who likes this place would say)

  • I work in Westwood and LOVE fried chicken and waffles.  So excited!
  • The sandwich + fries is a massive amount of food for the price
  • I love cinnamon in my waffles, and the thin waffles that come with the fried chicken are really loaded up with cinnamon

THE – (What somebody who doesn’t like this place would say)

  • Too much mayo on the sandwich
  • The waffle + one piece of fried chicken is a terrible deal compared to the sandwich
  • The decor is a bit too fancy for me.
  • Screw this Westwood yuppie bullshit.  I’m going to Roscoe’s.

Waffle Chix, 1059 Broxton Ave., 310-208-3071



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    Wow. A little surprised by the decor. If I’m going to indulge (meaning, of course, feel guilty later) in something like fried chicken & bacon with waffles and syrup, I want it to be in a shady atmosphere where I hope I don’t run into anyone. Honey Kettle comes closer to fitting the bill. That said, this looks like a good addition to the Westhood.

  • “Screw this Westwood yuppie bullshit. I’m going to Roscoe’s.” Hilarious. I might also say: “Screw this wanna-be hipster Roscoe’s overpriced BS.”

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    I asked for hot sauce, and got a tiny plastic cup with hot sauce in it. Just give me the bottle!

    Agreed, the fried chicken sandwich is a lot of food for the price. And the to-go order of sweet potato fries is massive.

    I was a bit disappointed with the waffle. It seemed like there was a lot of nutmeg or some other spice in there…like they were trying to make it different.

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    Why must fat people be referred to as “fat bastards”…?

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