I Guess Wow Bento & Roll Doesn’t Get Much Praise?

I fully admit to being surprised with how much I liked Wow Bento and Roll in DTLA (more than I expected to like it, anyway.)  But what’s even more shocking is the fact that they printed up a gigantor banner that quotes what I wrote!  They did leave out the “probably” that appeared in the original review (which takes a bit of the umph out of the whole proclamation) but considering the unattributed “#1 Fast Food Japanese Restaurant in Downtown L.A.” banner I noticed on my first visit, I can’t really be too shocked.

Thanks to Jill from Domaine L.A. for sending along the photo (the banner is hung up at the branch on Melrose).

Wow Bento & Roll’s Sashimi Salad is Far Less Scary Than I Expected


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    I’ve become a regular at the DTLA location in recent weeks thanks to that banner. Lived down the street from it for about 5 years and never gave it a second glance.

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