Do I Need to Eat All the Chili Cheese Fries in Westwood? Because I Will Do It.

Yesterday the L.A. Times reported that two UCLA basketball players got food poisoning from “late-night chicken chili cheese fries” in Westwood, and I couldn’t help but wonder what place they ate at!  Early theories have centered around Tommy Taco (aka the new Buck Fiddy), which is known for their dream fries… but they don’t have “chicken chili cheese fries” on the menu.  Ditto for Maloney’s, and Jose Bernstein… and The Stand isn’t open late so they’re out.  One possible culprit? Fat Sal’s, the sandwich shop homage to the Rutgers grease trucks on Gayley.   They’re open late, and have something called “buffalo chicken cheese fries” on their menu- although I guess technically that’s not chicken chili, is it. Regardless I might have to go… um… sacrifice myself over a plate of their buffalo chicken cheese fries.  You know… for science. Of course I’ll also have to eat one of their delicious sounding roast beef sandwiches topped with mozzarella sticks, onion rings, fries, and brown gravy as well. You don’t think that will compromise the integrity of the “experiment” do you?



  • I read that article, and I said to myself, “This sounds like a job for Midtown Lunch.” First risking your health for the Chinese buffets, and now this. Thank you Zach for your bravery in the name of food journalism.

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    I heard chili, and I thought of Barney’s…but they don’t have chicken chili cheese fries on their menu.

  • I don’t know if Tommy Taco is the place but I know two things: 1) they are open well into the AM, 2) people definitely add chicken to the chili fries

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    Oh, and a question for Zach: how can Tommy Taco be “the new Buck Fiddy” when the space that Fat Sal’s is in is where Buck Fiddy was, and that it was open at the same time that Buck Fiddy (Subbies’) was?

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      And I miss Spoc’s sausages…though I didn’t understand why they got rid of the sausages in trying to recreate the Buck Fiddy menu.

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