Flames Mediterranean Grill Brings Unique Shawarma Downtown

Spotted this brand new lunch spot on 7th between Broadway & Spring right after my gut busting pre Thanksgiving lunch at Clifton’s Cafeteria. It’s called Flames Mediterranean Grill and while the menu looks fairly standard (falafel, shawarma, shish kebab, schnitzel) their delicious looking rotating spit sports the unusual combo of turkey and lamb. They also have something called a shawarma fajita which could be interesting. According to this shill post on Yelp the restaurant sports the same owners as the Falafel King in Westwood. Flames, you are now on my list. Early adopters, let us know how it is in the comments.

Flames Mediterranean Grill, 225 W. 7th St., 213-622-3033


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    I was the first to Yelp Flames and I actually ATE the food! It is really good. Simple, clean flavors and reasonably priced. They have a variety of salads and vegetarian options as well as the juicy shawarma. My DH really liked the chicken, he said he could taste the yogurt marinade. Anyway, give it a try, I don’t like to just walk in a restaurant and take pictures without actually eating the food. I also ask questions when I go somewhere new. Never know what you’re going to learn.

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