My Favorite Thing at Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken is the Fish (!?!) Combo

Which one of these do you think is in Culver City?

There’s no question that you lose a little bit of Compton magic going to the Culver City location of Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken.  For one thing the ambiance is… well… very Culver City’ish.  (The new Culver City that is.) The original is sparse and kind of dirty looking, just what you would want from a good ole fried chicken shack. The CC location is… well… very Culver City’ish.  In Compton you can get two thighs, two biscuits, and two orders of pickles for $5 in a basket lined with red and white checkered picnic table cloth patterned paper.  No such luck in Culver City, where the picnic table cloth paper seems a bit more like a kitchy design decision.  On the other hand, Culver City has a fried chicken sandwich.  Compton does not.

But one thing is for sure, the chicken has the same super thick, super crunchy, super tasty crust at both locations. And the honey tastes just as sweet.  And the fact that the Culver City location is right around the corner from where I live (and work) kind of makes the “where to lunch?” decision an easy one.


There is one thing you can’t deny about both locations… neither is super cheap.  A two piece lunch special in Culver City will run you $8.95, three pieces are $9.95.  Sure, you get a biscuit, fries, and sweet pickles, but it’s still kind of pricey.  Especially when Popeye’s (the undisputed heavy weight champ of chicken) is half the price.  But if you like your fried chicken batter thick, Honey’s Kettle is worth the money.

I was pretty excited to find out they also do fried chicken and hotcakes ($6.59 for a breast and 3 hotcakes, $7.75 for 3 wings and 3 hotcakes), but as a huge chicken and waffles fan, I have to say the pancakes were kind of underwhelming.  Sure, the fried chicken at Honey’s Kettle is better than Roscoe’s.  But as a fried chicken side dish, I think waffles will always beat out pancakes in my book.


For my money, the best deal is the Porterhouse Combo.  For $9.95 you get a breast or two wings, plus a whole fried fish, french fries, a biscuit, and cole slaw.  The whole (what I’m assuming was) catfish has the same thick crunchy batter as the chicken, and what’s more fun than picking at a whole fish, bones and all?  Cover the whole thing in honey and vinegary hot sauce and you’ve got a winner!

Once you get past the price, the only other hurdle for the Culver City location is the service.  They’re constantly dogged as slower and not as friendly as the Compton original, and they lived up to that reputation by forgetting to give me my biscuit and cole slaw!  But all was forgotten once I bit into that oh so delicious fried chicken (covered in honey, of course.) Is there a better version in Los Angeles? If there is, I haven’t had it yet. Just make sure you check your bag for everything before leaving!


  • I love extra crispy fried chicken, with lots of batter
  • I want real Compton fried chicken, without having to drive to Compton
  • I don’t mind paying extra for quality, freshly made fried chicken
  • Waaaay better than Roscoe’s fried chicken
  • Love all the sauce options
  • Whole fried fish FTW!


  • Screw batter.  I like my fried chicken batter-less.  Easier to taste the crispy chicken skin that way
  • The pancakes tasted like they were from a pancake mix
  • I like Roscoe’s waffle better than Honey’s Kettle pancakes
  • Sorry but it’s way to expensive for fried chicken.  Popeye’s is better and has way more flavor.
  • Service sucks at the Culver City location…

Honey’s Kettle Fried Chicken, 9537 Culver Blvd., 310-202-5453



  • I do enjoy Honey’s on those days where I want to forget about well-balanced meals and feast on delicious unhealthy fare.

    I haven’t tried the one in Compton since I can just walk to the one in Culver City. I have noticed sub-par service and have considered getting it to-go but once I smell the fried-goodness, I have to dig in right away.

    Have you tried the blueberry pancakes? I haven’t had the plain pancakes, but to me, the blueberry pancakes can give Roscoe’s waffles a run for their money.

    Great review!

  • Oh man I really want to grab one of those huge deals with the fried catfish before opening the shop. Is it split-able? Bring it over and I’ll trade for wifi, table, chair, ice cream, coffee and maybe even milk (haha)

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