JGold’s Essentials Piles On More Lunches to My Wishlist

Urgh.  I’m barely half way through Jonathan Gold’s 99 Things to Eat Before You Die, and this week he he goes and drops his 99 Essential Restaurants list.  Thankfully there is some crossover, and I already got the memo about a bunch of the places (Chichen Itza, Daikokuya, Huckleberry, Jitlada, Langer’s, and Sapp’s Coffee Shop- to name a few) but it did add a bunch more to my constantly going wishlist of lunches… like the birria from El Parian, the bosam at Kobawoo, that damn doughnut at Nickel Diner (that’s lunch, right?!), and Ethi0pian at Meals by Genet.  I’m also curious about Flame in Westwood, although I can’t help but wonder if this one will get replaced on next year’s list by Attari Grill!  

Check out The Guru’s complete list here>>


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