At Lunch Now: A Line-less Ludo Truck!?!


This is not a mirage people. This was the scene about 30 minutes ago at the Tuesday Food Truck Lot near LAX, on 98th Street behind 5985 Century Blvd. (which is totally amazing btw!) And that, in the foreground, is the infamous, rarely seen in public, Ludo Fried Chicken Truck with absolutely no line. To be completely honest, they were getting the food out lightning fast and by the time I got there shortly after 1pm they had run out of their signature fried chicken balls (and slaw), but there was still the brand spanking new honey garlic glazed chicken wings and buttermilk fried chicken finger strips, plus biscuits. I would have expected them to be slammed until the very last morsel of crispy chicken goodness had been sold.

Presumably today’s lunch was a little test run for this Friday night, when the truck will be parked Downtown for the last night of Ludo Bites 5.0 at Gram & Papa’s. I can 100% guarantee this scene will not be repeated…

Ludo Parisian Sandwich Now Available at Gram & Papa’s



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