For Korean/Chinese Dumplings, Myung In is Your Spot

I discriminate against no dumpling!  Chinese… Korean (mandoo)… steamed… fried.  I love them all.  So when Josh Lurie and Matt Kang invited me to try Myungin Dumpling in K-Town, I was down.  The place is not necessarily going to make you swoon, but it’s an interesting hybrid of Korean ingredients with Chinese preparations.  They give you some panchan (always a good thing) and have a pretty standard verison of mandoo, but I prefered the hybrids… like the giant steamed Chinese looking buns filled with kimchi, pork, jap chae (Korean glass noodles).  Check out Josh’s comprehensive review over on Food GPS>>

Myung In Dumplings, 3109 Olympic Blvd., 213-381-3568


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