Good Food To Throw Benefit For Nina’s Food After Vendy Award Brings Negative Attention

You would think that winning the First Annual L.A. Vendy Awards would have been a great thing for any of the nominated vendors… but sadly it’s been bittersweet for Nina’s Food, the Breed St. Vendor who took home the top prize last month in MacArthur Park.  Since winning the Vendy Award Nina’s has attracted a ton of new customers and press, and sadly the extra attention has resulted in an increase in the attention from the police too.  She’s been shut down and harassed so often since the Vendy’s, she doesn’t think she can continue unless she gets a truck, which she can’t afford.  (Until now, she’s vended from a table.)

Enter Vendy Award Judge, and Good Food host, Chef Evan Kleiman who has put together a benefit to help Nina raise the money she needs to get a truck.  The event will take place at Evan’s restaurant, Angeli Cafe, this Sunday (June 20th) from 11am to 3pm. It’s a chance to make a difference and eat some great food. Get more details here>>

Breed Street Vendor Nina’s Food Takes Home the First Ever L.A. Vendy Awards


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    Gah, way to go LAPD (or Sherrifs…not sure who patrols Boyle Heights).

    Very reminiscent of the Breed Street Scene–as soon as that got attention in the press, it was shut down.

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