Grilled Cheese & India Jones Among the Vendy Award Finalists

The nominees for the 1st Annual Los Angeles Vendy Awards have been announced… congrats to India Jones, the Hot Dog Kings, Bigmista’s BBQ, Nina’s Food, Grilled Cheese Truck, & Tacos El Galuzo. The winner will be crowned on May 15th in MacArthur Park, tickets are $50 and all proceeds go to benefit non profit organizations that advocate on behalf of street vendors here in Los Angeles. (It’s like a charity street food version of the Oscars!)

Watch a video about all of the nominees, plus buy your tickets for the event here…

The Vendy Awards Are Coming to L.A.
India Jones’ Butter Chicken is a Force to Be Reckoned With


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    We are honored to be nominated!

    Just a slight correction. It’s “Bigmista’s Barbecue” not “Big Mista’s BBQ”. We’re protective of our name and branding.


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