MTV Loses Their Personal Food Truck Spot

The Dim Sum Truck

Thanks to the anonymous Midtown Lunch’er who forwarded along this email from the building that houses MTV, a popular lunchtime destination for a number of food trucks.

Hello All-

Due to an incident that occurred today, we will no longer host food trucks in the loading alley for lunch.
Thank you.

[Name Redacted]

Assistant Property Manager
Worthe Real Estate Group

They’re not talking about the food truck strip on Pennsylvania between 26th and Stewart are they!?! Thankfully not…

The email actually refers to the semi-hidden alley on the Stewart St. side of the building, not the strip of Pennsylvania behind the building that hosts 4-5 food trucks a day. Apparently MTV would personally invite a single food truck to park in this alley each day, and last week a food truck canopy wasn’t secured properly and broke a bunch of the building’s windows while pulling out of the alley (aka “the incident”.) The loss of the alley doesn’t seem to be that big a deal for the trucks (most complained that it wasn’t nearly as good for business as parking on Pennsylvania), but the people who worked in the building seem to be bummed they would now have to “share with the rest of the neighborhood.” From our tipster: “I preferred to have the trucks all to myself.” Well, boo hoo!


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