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Signage Up At FiDi Yushi Location

While walking by the “coming slowly” location of Yushi on Pearl St. (btw. Maiden & Cedar) yesterday I noticed signs were up, and although the windows are still papered over there were people coming out who looked like they were there for training. We’ll try to keep you posted on when they’re opening, but if any of you see the doors open and Japanese food coming out, let us know!

Second Downtown Yushi Outpost Spotted

I’ve only eaten at the Yushi in the World Financial Center once to try their healthy take on chicken katsu, but it wasn’t bad, so I was happy to see paper up in a window on Pearl St. btw. Maiden Lane and Cedar saying it was forthcoming. They’re known for their conveyor belt sushi and also have hot items and other Japanese fare in a fast food setting. The people at Niko Niko down the street probably are none too happy with this development as they have some of the same menu items. We’ll keep you posted when opening seems near.

Yushi Takes A Stab At Making Chicken Katsu Curry Healthy

If you’ve ever eaten at Yushi in the World Financial Center (or in midtown) you may have noticed that they’re hellbent on making you eat healthy Asian food. I had only eaten their food once at the Taste of the World Financial Center and wasn’t overly impressed with the Peking duck pancakes I had. But then I found out they started serving “king katsu curry” for $9.95 this week and I figured it was an excellent chance to head over to Battery Park City. It also begged the question: what happens when you bake katsu? Forge ahead to see what it looks like! Read more »

Yushi Adds “Sake Ramen” to the Menu: The Midtown Lunch Team gave us a heads up about this one! Yushi has added a bowl of Ramen with a full cup of sake mixed in.  According to the website, ID is actually required to order it!  Lucky us, we get to share in the fun with our very own Yushi on Vesey Street on the west side of the West Side Highway.  It may be a trek, but is it worth it? Early adopters, let us know what you think in the comments.