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Downtown Lunch: Tasty Dumpling

Something shocking has happened since I started doing this blog almost two years ago.  People from all over the city are actually allowing these words to exit their mouth (without laughing hysterically)… “I wish I worked in Midtown”.  As good as some of the food that gets written about on this site looks, nobody should feel that way (have you walked through Time Square lately?).  In order to help alleviate the pangs of jealousy felt in other parts of the city (especially Downtown), I have tried to occasionally post lunches from other areas, like Feisty Foodie’s write-up of the Mobile Fried Chicken Truck on Water St.  Well, I’m extremely excited to introduce our newest Downtown correspondent, Daniel Krieger- an amazing photographer (you may have seen his stuff on Eater) and lover of all Midtown Lunch’ish foods.  He starts off strong, with the quickest way to make me jealous- a Chinatown lunch for under $5…

I remember back in the old days (that’d be about six months ago) when you could get 5 dumplings for a dollar. For two bucks a normal person would be full; for me it was more like $2.75 (I would round out the meal with a 75 cent Golden Pancake). But those days are behind us: Tasty Dumpling, (“The Real Tasty D” in Chinatown Lunch parlance), Mulberry Street’s battle-tested Chinatown lunch hole has recently upped its prices: a five-spot of pan-fried dumplings will now set you back an additional quarter, ringing in at a budget-stretching $1.25.

Small-framed gals and fancy belt-conscious boys can still do dim sum for under 3 bucks…For the rest (and notably, for your Downtown lunch correspondent) we’re feeling the pinch. But that doesn’t mean we’re skipping out.

What I ate (and some serious downtown lunch porn), after the jump… Read more »