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Sunrise Grill Regularly Parking In New Spot On Broad St.

Two times in the past week when I’ve been near Broad St. between S. William and Beaver, I’ve spotted the bright yellow Sunrise Grill truck parked on that block. They have Caribbean food, of the usual protein + rice and peas offerings, plus patties. I ate there once when they were parking on the other side of Water St., and it was OK. The last time I walked by, Nio’s Trinidad Roti truck was literally parked in front of Sunrise Grill. No word on if there was any beef about this parking situation.

Jerk Chicken & A Patty From New FiDi Regular Sunrise Grill

We lunch’ers in the Financial District aren’t exactly hurting for Caribbean food options. It used to be there were only a couple of choices – Veronica’s Kitchen or Trinidad & Tobago carts – and the one you frequented depended on where you worked. Then there was something of a surge in options recently with Nio’s Trinidad Roti Truck resurfacing at Water & Pine and R. Retha’s cart parking at William & Beaver until it got shuttered by the Department of Health. Another truck that was somewhat slippery to catch was Sunrise Grill which I’d sometimes seen at Water & Broad, but they weren’t there every day. But yesterday was my lucky day, and Sunrise Grill was there, there wasn’t much of a line, and hunger was setting in. Jerk chicken and a beef patty seemed to be in order. Read more »