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Designer Hot Dogs (And A Crazy Good-Looking Sandwich) At Asiadog

Hot dogs are one food that I normally don’t crave come lunchtime since about the only offerings near where I work are the dirty water variety sold primarily¬†to tourists. When I saw that Brooklyn Flea favorite Asiadog had opened a brick and mortar shop on Kenmare St. (btw. Mott & Mulberry) serving hot dogs, corn dogs and a few sandwiches and sides I knew that was I ever in the area I would be¬†going there. Why? Because they have hot dogs topped with banh mi fixin’s, pork belly and potato chips, that’s why. Read more »

“Secret” Slices At Rubirosa Are A Steal

A lot of places open in SoHo and Nolita but it’s often sad scanning their menus because more often than not everything on them is $10 or more, even at lunch. There are ways around that by going vegetarian or ordering nothing but a sandwich but sometimes it’s nice to eat somewhere a little nicer but still at ML prices. Rubirosa opened on Mulberry (btw. Prince & Spring) – an outpost of a beloved Staten Island bar pie purveyor – but sadly the cheapest pizza on the menu is $14 for a small and there is no mention of slices. But then I saw that they were named the best slice of 2011, and that there was a way to get a cheap lunch here after all. Read more »

Crosby Connection’s Operation Out Of A Chocolate Shop Is Pure Genius

I don’t know why more sandwich shops don’t team up with another business to both lower their costs and offer some sort of combo deal. Sure there are the banh mi shops in Chinatown that double as music and jewelry sellers, but you can’t eat jewelry or albums. When I heard that itinerant sandwich shop Crosby Connection had popped up in Eat My Chocolate on Mulberry St. (btw. Prince & E. Houston) and were offering a $9 sandwich and sweets pairing I had to go check it out. Because nothing says afternoon food coma like a giant sandwich and a sugar rush.

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