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Downtown Lunch: Mobile Fried Chicken

For some reason there are a lot of lunch’ers outside of Midtown who read this blog.  And even more surprisingly, it has caused some people to actually say they wish they worked in Midtown, so they could eat at some of the places I’ve written about.  Let me speak for everyone who works in this hell hole when I say- you people are insane.  That being said, I’ve decided to allow some of these people to make us jealous, by writing about a lunch in a different area.  The workers of Downtown New York seem to be the most vocal, so this week I turn the site over to Yvo, a downtown lunch’er, and Midtown Lunch reader, who also has a blog of her own (The Feisty Foodie).

Reason for jealousy?  We’ve got a lot of carts and trucks in Midtown.  But none of them serve fried chicken!  Why don’t we have a fried chicken truck.  Wah!!!!!!

You Midtown Lunch’ers think you have it bad.  Try working Downtown.  Any small jewel found in the dregs of Downtown gets me excited… so I was delighted to finally try Mobile Fried Chicken.  What a genius concept; fried chicken in a truck.  Can you imagine anything better?  The execution is a little flawed, but who cares.  It’s fried chicken in a truck, and ever since I began working on Water Street, I’ve had to walk by that smell of delicious fried food every day.  I love fried pretty much anything, although I draw the line at deep fried Oreos and Twinkies.  Something about that skeeves me, but I’m sure one day I will give in…

I got there at a bit past 1, and there was a decent line- but it moves fairly quickly.

What Yvo got, and more Fried Chicken Truck porn, after the jump… Read more »