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Korean Lunch Box Gem Jup She Shutters!?

Our fellow bloggers over at Grub St. brought the sad news late yesterday that cheap (and delicious) Korean lunch spot Jup She on Grand St. ( at Baxter) has closed and the inside empty of furniture. It was one of the only affordable spots for Korean in that area and the lunch boxes were a good deal for anywhere in the city. Perhaps the allure of dozens of cheap Chinese and Vietnamese (and Italian) restaurants nearby was enough to keep people from eating here?

Is Jup She’s Lunch Box The Best Korean Deal Downtown?

Normally when people go to Chinatown it’s for, well, Chinese food or maybe a little Vietnamese or Thai. While I’m sure there are a handful of Korean restaraunts lodged in that part of the city, I wasn’t really aware of them, except for Jup She (formerly Li Hua). It’s a tiny place on Grand St. (at Baxter) with no real sign so you have to watch out for it. The reason I trekked all the way up to Chinatown for Korean food is that there really isn’t much to choose from in the Financial District unless you want Soma By Nature, Bon Chon or Cafe Hanover. Plus, I’m all about a Korean lunch box for less than $10, which I feel is a rarity (especially judging by the crappy-looking box Chris tried at Cafe Hanover for more than $10). Take a gander at what was in Jup She’s arsenal after the jump. Read more »