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Frites N Meats Delivers; Downtown Forum Now Active: No Downtown Lunch post this week, but we did get this bit of news from the Frites N Meats Truck.  They're now offering delivery.  Also of note for Downtown Lunchers... you have your own "Downtown Eating" and "Downtown Connections" sections in the forums.  Enjoy!

Frites N Meats Adds "Burger of the Week"

Frites'N'Meats 001Some news for our Downtown Lunch’ers about the Frites N Meats Truck… not only are they now open until 7pm, and will take orders over the phone (917.292.9226), but they’ve also added a new “Burger of the Week”.  The first one gets introduced on Monday and it’s called the “Mediterranean Burger”, featuring “Ground Lamb, Goat Cheese, and Figs Marinated in Port”.  Oh my.

Downtown Lunch: Your First Look at the Frites N Meats Burger

Your First Look at the Frites N Meats Burger

Frites'N'Meats 001

I hate decisions. Quite frankly, they’re one of the reasons I avoid pay-by-the-pound lunch bars because I want a little bit of everything on display. And I’m no different when it comes to choosing a place to eat every week or two to write up for Downtown Lunch. So on Wednesday when we heard about the Frites N’ Meats truck opening, it was like the clouds had opened and the sun was shining on my little cubical. And the best part? The menu was just two items! Burger + Fries. And I had to write about both of them? No choices? The heavens were definitely smiling… or so I thought.

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New Frites N Meats Truck Hit the Street Today (Downtown Lunch Jealousy Ensues)

Earlier in the month the Schnitzel Truck threw competition to the wind, and hipped everyone to a brand new vendor hitting the scene called Frites N Meats. One would assume burger and fries from the twitter account, but it’s all been pretty shrouded in secrecy… until today. The Frites N Meats has been spotted setting up on Greenwich and Chambers this morning- and from the looks of their website they’re serving up burgers and fries. They’ve got two kinds of burgers from DeBragga (grass fed angus, and wagyu), three different buns from Balthazar (brioche, potato onion, and sesame seed), and 5 different kinds of cheese from Murray’s (gruyere, goat, brie, cheddar, and blue.)  Uh… that sounds pretty great.

We found out that their permit is only for that location in Washington Market Park… so sadly there will be no Frites N Meats for Midtown. (Boooooo!) I guess I take a little bit of solace knowing that our Downtown Lunch’ers are incredibly happy right now (but not much.)

Check out the menu, after the jump.

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