New Frites N Meats Truck Hit the Street Today (Downtown Lunch Jealousy Ensues)

Earlier in the month the Schnitzel Truck threw competition to the wind, and hipped everyone to a brand new vendor hitting the scene called Frites N Meats. One would assume burger and fries from the twitter account, but it’s all been pretty shrouded in secrecy… until today. The Frites N Meats has been spotted setting up on Greenwich and Chambers this morning- and from the looks of their website they’re serving up burgers and fries. They’ve got two kinds of burgers from DeBragga (grass fed angus, and wagyu), three different buns from Balthazar (brioche, potato onion, and sesame seed), and 5 different kinds of cheese from Murray’s (gruyere, goat, brie, cheddar, and blue.)  Uh… that sounds pretty great.

We found out that their permit is only for that location in Washington Market Park… so sadly there will be no Frites N Meats for Midtown. (Boooooo!) I guess I take a little bit of solace knowing that our Downtown Lunch’ers are incredibly happy right now (but not much.)

Check out the menu, after the jump.

Frites N Meats

You can check out their official website, and follow them on Twitter here.



  • goat cheese on a burger?

    for shame.

    and enough with the wagyu burgers. wagyu is not meant to be ground.

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    yeah, but…the real question is, and remains for any burger place in the freakin world, are they better then In-n-Out?

  • ::swoon:: they had me at ‘onion jam’ and ‘garlicky guacamole’

  • That’s freakin expensive! I’d be interested in photos….b/c it better be f;ing huge to be worth it….

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    Don’t get all this hatin on Kobe/Wagyu for burgers. Like clockwork a similar comment shows up every single time anyone mentions it. Usually more than once for any given post, as well. It’s kinda funny, in a knee-jerk, reflexive kind of way.

    I had it once in a burger at Del Friscos and it was just fine. In fact it was really good. But I have no idea of the exact blend. It was a while ago.

    Likin’ Wagyu in a burger(and talkin about it on a food blog) just ain’t allowed, I guess. At least not without someone telling you you’re wrong about doing it that way. Strange that no other cut generates a nearly 100% probability of people tellin you that using it in a burger is wrong. Just Wagyu.

  • Saving the world…one burger at a time????

    Jesus wept.


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    5.50 for a grass fed angus burger is freakin expensive?

  • DeBragga is a pretty high end purveyor of meat, so it’s naturally a bit more expensive than something you’d get from Sysco. Momofuku and Craft are two of their customers off the top of my head.

    I also respect their decision to not go with LaFrieda. Everyone and their mother is doing that lately.

  • I love potato onion bread from Balthazar. yumm…

  • i am just going to go and order a bun with ketchup, mayo, and mustard. if they charge me, i will sue.

  • OMG brie on a burger??? I’ve never had that before and I want it. now.

  • steve, you are such a dork.

  • thanks mkim.

  • Also……the bun is “free”…….what fucking planet are these tossers on?

    Yes…im 2 glasses into a nice Chablis.

  • Again, it comes down to the quality of the ingredients. If their default bun was some generic off the shelf bun and the Balthazar bun was a $1 extra, i’d pay the $1.

  • Pricey burger off a truck. I don’t know. I won’t be running downtown or scrambling to get it. Good luck to them. Their ingredients do sound awesome though.

  • I think its awesome they have grass fed angus! and greenwich and chambers is walking distance. looks like they are targeting the junior college kids….

  • Grass-fed Angus is okay, but no where nearly as good as grass-fed Longhorn beef from Brenham, Texas.

    My Texas relatives have been raising Longhorn cattle for three generations now, and I personally refuse to eat any other type of beef.

    Of course, my wife and I DO enjoy bison from Ted Turner’s vast herd in South Dakota. But, then, that is a different type of treat altogether.

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    @ Steve – I was thinking that myself. Free Bread! And you can make a salad with the greens, onion, and mayo.

  • steve, your comment made me chuckle

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