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Pastrami & Dressing In Perfect Harmony In Downtown Deli’s Reuben

It’s been a couple of years since I stepped into Downtown Deli on Church St. (nr. Park Place) in order to try their reuben on a recommendation from a luncher. I was thwarted when they were out of the proper meats and instead had a thoroughly OK brisket sandwich with gravy.

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Old-School Downtown Deli Reminds Me What Good Sandwiches Taste Like

Just when I thought I was at least aware of most of the delicious food finds in the FiDi and Tribeca, I found another one thanks to a couple of downtown lunch’ers. That place is Downtown Deli on Church St. (at Park Pl.), which from the outside basically looks like any other so-called “deli”, selling cigarettes and crappy Boar’s Head sandwiches. But when you step inside, you notice the difference because there’s a sea of people, and two counters: one for cold sandwiches and one for hot, and really nothing else but a rack with bags of chips. Oh yeah, now we’re talking! Thankfully, both of the sandwich suggestions I got were on the hot side because the cold sandwich line was insane. Lunch’er Paul suggested I should check out the pastrami Reuben there, and lunch’er dkriese likes the beef brisket on a roll with gravy. Clearly, with two endorsements for this deli, it was worth checking out. 

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