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22 Thai Redeems Itself After Initial Lunch Fail

It’s not often I have a lunch that makes me angry afterward because I usually don’t spend enough to feel like I’ve been ripped off. I mean, if I get some bad street meat, I’m angry, but I only spent $5 on it. When I shell out almost $10 and the food is crappy, I usually vow never to eat at that place again because there are too many delicious things to eat downtown to waste my stomach space. This was the case when I first tried 22 Thai Cuisine on Maiden Lane (btw. Nassau & Broadway). I went there two days after it opened, mostly because I was so excited to see if the Financial District would finally have some some good Thai food. Thai is one of my favorite genres of food overall and I’ve been fairly disappointed with the couple of places I’ve tried down here, which are either overpriced or generic. Find out what angered me, and what made me want to come back after the jump. Read more »

New Thai Place Open On Maiden Lane, Cuban Food Truck Spotted In FiDi

When I walked by 22 Thai Cuisine on Maiden Lane (btw. Nassau & Broadway) last night it was empty, and by today was open and packed for lunch. They move quickly! It replaces another Asian place Sushi a la Kawa that closed and merged with Oka Sushi a couple of doors down. My Spidey sense tells me the Thai spot is owned by the same people, but hey, maybe I’m wrong. A look at the lunch menu shows it’s pretty standard Thai fried rice/curry/noodle dishes for $8 or $9, but there were a couple of other interesting things on the other portion of the menu, like Thai pork chops.I’m already bracing myself for disappoint, but I hope that 22 Thai proves me wrong. Plus, a new truck serving Cuban food was spotted downtown, after the jump. Read more »