Point Your Way To Lunch Greatness With Pakistan Tea House’s Vegetarian Combo

First things first: Pakistan Tea House is up to a B rating from the Department of Health! The Pakistani standby on Church St. (at Reade) was saddled with the dreaded C the last time I ate there, not that I care about such things when there is a cheap, quality steam table lunch at hand.

I was here to try their three-item vegetarian combo, which we’ve somehow not reviewed on this site, instead focusing on the chicken dishes. They have several vegetarian items on offer every day and while none of them were labeled, I found that pointing and asking “What’s that?” worked just fine. I ended up with two hits and a miss using this system.

I went with yellow lentils, spinach, and a dish that looked interesting and involved black chickpeas, onions and chopped tomato (combo $7.99). The latter wasn’t my favorite as it had a sort of bitter taste that I did not appreciate, but that doesn’t mean you won’t. The spinach was my favorite and, in my opinion, you can rarely go wrong with lentils.

You get either white or brown basmati rice at the bottom of your melange of dishes, but I gilded the lily and also got a naan ($1.50). They had one ready to go, and it was nicely puffed around the edges and charred in spots.

While I haven’t eaten many of the meat dishes at Pakistan Tea House, you really can’t go wrong going vegetarian here. And you’ll save a buck or two as well.

Pakistan Tea House, 176 Chambers St. (nr. Reade), (212) 240-9800


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