Bread & Olives Brings More Lebanese Food To The FiDi, Including Crispy Chicken Shawarma

Manhattan home to at least two food trucks serving Lebanese food. The first was Toum with its exceptional and gigantic sandwiches and potent garlic whip and the second is Bread & Olives that was spotted at Hanover Sq. (btw. Pearl & Water) on Monday and I’m told they also park there on Wednesdays. It looks like the truck parked in Midtown last year, but this is the first I’ve heard or seen of them parking downtown.

The menu features platters or sandwiches with proteins like falafel, lamb cubes, kafta or two kinds of chicken along with breakfast pies and sides. It was early and there was no line so I was sold, and ordered myself a sandwich.

I saw a spinning cone of chicken shawarma through the truck window and while I initially had considered ordering lamb, cannot resist revolving meat. As the platters are mostly $10, I went the cheaper route and got a shawarma sandwich ($8) that involves pickles, lettuce and garlic whip all wrapped up in a large, thin pita.

First, we’ll talk about the good. There was a ton of chicken in here and nearly all of the pieces freshly-hacked from the spinning meat cone had a golden brown crispy skin. The application of the garlic whip was pretty sparse and I couldn’t really taste it, nor did it add much moisture. I appreciated the pickles and lettuce, but could have used a bit more vegetable (maybe tomato?) and some hot sauce or something else to spice things up or add a bit of flavor. The pita was great – pliant yet holding up to the fillings without ever falling apart.

My main problem with the sandwich, especially when comparing it the one I had from Toum that cost $1 less an was larger, is a lack of flavor and moisture. The chicken was crispy but a little dry since it was mostly white meat. I also really couldn’t a taste much in the way of the garlic whip, which was a main reason I ordered the sandwich.

If you’re especially hungry, you’re likely going to have to order a platter from Bread & Olives or get a side to go with your sandwich. Also, ask for extra garlic whip or hot sauce if you want to up the flavor.

Bread & Olives Truck, Hanover Sq. btw. Pearl & Water streets on Mondays and Wednesdays


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