Clarke’s Standard’s New Jumbo Dog Combo Is A Good Deal

In case you didn’t get the memo, Clarke’s Standard now has combo meals. That means you can go into the location at Maiden Lane & Pearl St. and order by number if you so desire, but since this is not McDonald’s it might be best to actually say the name of the thing you wish to eat in a combo. Before, you had to shell out more than $10 for just the sandwich or hot dog if you wanted fries on the side. Now you can get two of those things plus a fountain soda in a “Butcher’s Combo” for less than $10 before tax. It’s a wise move, and in my opinion a good deal. 

Your options for a combo are a cheeseburger, a honey mustard chicken sandwich, a turkey burger or a jumbo dog, with either regular or sweet potato fries on the side. As I had already tried one of their burgers when the location first opened I went with the hot dog which is their standard variety, topped with three-onion red sauce and a squiggle of brown mustard. As a side I got sweet potato fries (not pictured is the 12 ounce fountain drink).

The hot dog is a pale custom blend with a snappy casing and it outsizes the bun it’s in. The stewed onion topping is tomatoey and complemented nicely by the brown mustard, although eating this is a bit messy due to the hot dog taking a bit more work to bite through than your standard dirty water variety.

The sweet potato fries are a breed I have not seen before: waffle-cut. They were pretty good, and a bit crispier than the normally soft sweet potato fries. My only not would be that they don’t appear to be salted and I didn’t see any packets of salt to sprinkle on them. I would also like to note that in addition to adding the combos to the menu, Clarke’s Standard has done away with a couple of items including the banh mi hot dog and the cheesy tater tots.

After adding up the cost of the hot dog, fries and a fountain drink, the $7.95 I paid was definitely cheaper than the $10.75 I would have paid before. Kudos to the burgeoning chain for seeing that some of us can’t afford to pass the $10 mark for a burger and fries lunch.

Clarke’s Standard, 101 Maiden Lane (at Pearl St.), (212) 797-1700


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