Sammi’s Nutrition House: Your Source Of Decent Biryani & Fruit Juices

I can’t really think of many places where you can get a juice smoothie with a side of chicken nuggets and fries (that’s not McDonald’s). Sammi’s Nutrition House truck fills that void, allowing you to add nutrients to your body with fruit juice, and then get your recommended daily allowance of sodium with a plate of street meat. I noticed that since the truck first appeared in the Financial District they had added some other specialties to the menu including chicken tikka and biryani and was curious what they were serving up.

My first reaction upon opening my container of chicken biryani ($6) was that I’d gotten a kind of skimpy serving. Not that I always require gut-busting portions, but there wasn’t exactly a lot of chicken happening here either. This may not be a flashy plate of biryani, but I’d have the say the flavors of the rice were great, although the chicken could have used some more flavor. I got their green sauce drizzled over the top on recommendation from the woman who dished up my food, and it was flavorful and not as spicy as the versions at other carts. The white sauce was the kind that’s mostly mayo and I was glad I only got a bit of it. Also, there’s a bit more rice here than it seems because there was a layer under the lettuce as well.

If you are hungry for biryani or chicken tikka on the cheap, Sammi’s is a good place to stop. You can also pick up a packet of Emergen-C and get a protein shake while you’re here.

Sammi’s Nutrition House Truck, Water St. & Old Slip


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