Moo Shu Grill Shows Up Downtown With More Hybrid Tacos

I spotted a new-to-me truck on Pearl at Broad yesterday and went to investigate. It was the Moo Shu Grill truck which apparently used to be the Fishing Shrimp truck, and it debuted in Midtown months ago.

The moo shu “tacos” got a good review back in August over on ML. They also have rice bowls and a couple of other items (the handwritten menu was sort of hard to read). You can find the location on Twitter, and I’ll be on the lookout for them to stop downtown again so I can catch them when I didn’t just eat lunch.


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    The “MSG Me” signage is unfortunate. I get that their name matches, but people will see it as monosodium glutamate. They should probably rethink that.

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