Birdbath’s Veggie Burger In Moroccan Flatbread Is Its Secret Weapon

Earlier this year, an unconventional veggie burger caught my eye. This city has a lot of crappy versions of them, but when Birdbath Bakery‘s earned the top nod among the city’s non-meat burgers I took notice. After all there is a location in Tribeca at Church & Thomas streets, and I can’t often get to my favorite source. The other day I stopped in to see if they had the burgers (I was told they don’t have them until close to 1 p.m.) and a pile of them greeted me behind the glass divider.

This veggie burger ($8.50 including tax) is made of bulgur, pumpkin seeds and chickpeas, and it’s a bit crumbly. This is where the buttery Moroccan flatbread called m’smen that it’s nestled in comes in handy if you eat it like a taco.

Besides the burger itself, the toppings include slices of avocado, slightly pickled shreds of red onion and carrot, a tangle of cilantro, and a tomatillo sauce. Mine was light on the sauce and therefore kind of dry so I had to remedy this with my own additions. That was the only downfall to this interesting vegetarian lunch, and the thing was large and filling.

If you’re tired of falafel or looking for an interesting meatless lunch, maybe hit up Birdbath. Just go for a later lunch and you’ll be golden.

Birdbath Bakery, 200 Church St. (at Thomas), (212) 309-7555


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