Nish Nush’s Hummus Platter Is Three Lunches In One

I’m a big fan of the falafel sandwiches at Nish Nush on Reade St. (at Church), but I hadn’t branched out to any of the platters yet. There are a few platter options including falafel, shakshuka and hummus either plain or with various toppings. I decided on one of the topped hummus options, and provided you get some extra pita, it was enough for more than one meal.

The platter comes with one pita and some pickles and olives. I got the iron hummus ($9) that comes topped with sautéed spinach, roasted pecans, olive oil and some paprika. Yes, this was expensive, but the amount of hummus put those tubs you buy in the store to shame. You can also get hummus topped with chickpeas and egg, mushroom, onion and green pepper, or just tahini. You can also get it blended with your choice of various vegetables, olives or harissa.

The spinach was freshly-sauteed but a bit flavorless unless it was mixed into the hummus. However, the pecans were delicious, and who knew they would be fantastic with hummus? The bonus was this was so much hummus that it easily made for two or three meals. That made the $9 price tag a little more palatable.

Nish Nush, 88 Reade St. (at Church), (212) 964-1318


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