Jersey Mike’s Bringing More Sandwiches To The FiDi

We have hoagies. We have banh mi. We have cheese steaks. We have more Lenny’s locations than are necessary. Now we’re getting Jersey Mike’s Subs.

I spotted the awning and papered up windows on Maiden Lane at Gold St. on Monday. A look at their Web site shows they have locations all over the U.S. but I don’t recall ever seeing one in NYC before. The menu looks like an upgraded version of Subway with hot and cold sandwiches that include various cold cut combos, cheese steaks and parms.

It seems like they’re going for the hoagie market, so Dave’s Hoagies may have some competition.



  • WAY better than Subway!

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    Great news for Fidi. Jersey Mikes is head over heels better than Lenny’s and the other sandwich shops in the area.

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    Jersey Mikes is awesome! This really is great news for Fidi. High quality ingredients, simple and quick. I heard they are expecting high volume and will have 6 separate sandwich lines (only a rumor). Looking forward to my turkey sub Mike’s way.

  • Go ahead and click on the link to their web site.
    And dig that “kids menu”
    Very healthy. Might as well just inject kids with cholesterol globules. Thanks for the warning: “for kids 8 and over”

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