Clarke’s Standard Opening On Maiden Lane Monday

clarke's 2

The second location of P.J. Clarke’s quick service burger offshoot, Clarke’s Standard, is opening Wednesday Monday at Maiden Lane and Pearl St. The storefront was originally Goodburger which was extensively damaged in hurricane Sandy. Clarke’s Standard took over the space and had to do a lot of renovations before opening.

What can you expect? Details straight ahead! 


Here’s a look at several of the burgers from when the first Midtown location opened in February. The concept is that of a butcher shop, with a focus on the burgers that are popular at P.J. Clarke’s, and they have some takes on the potato sides that I’m pretty excited about (tots! cheesy fries!).

They also have custom ice cream flavors from a Massachusetts company. The only downside seems to be that you’re probably going to pay more than $10 for your lunch.

Clarke’s Standard, 101 Maiden Lane (at Pearl St.)



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    Everything on the menu today was free. Everything. Although they did run out of milkshakes around 1:30pm when I was there.

    Burger was okay. Kind of overcooked and not much flavor or juicyness. But it was a big chunk of beef so it makes up for it in quantity

    French fries were spot on crisp and salty.

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