The WFC Food Court Is Going From Mediocre To Awesome!

Spareribs Sandwich

Cambodian sandwiches: Soon to be found in BPC. 

Those of you who work in or near the World Financial Center in Battery Park City know that it’s definitely gotten some upgrades over the last three years. The offerings were fairly grim and food court-like with a burrito place, Cosi, Au Bon Pain, Yushi, a deli, steam table Chinese and some more upscale options. Then last week the situation started getting a foodie upgrade.

When Goldman Sachs moved into BPC, so did Shake Shack and later Blue Smoke, Battery Place Market and some other places that are largely outside of the $10 budget. Soon, though, with food trucks continuing to get pushed off of city streets, a food truck lot was born with four to five options showing up each day.

After it was announced that there would be a revamp of the WFC food court, places started closing and it wasn’t until last week that the building’s owner said which food options would move in: Umami Burger! Dos Toros Taqueria! Num Pang! Also on board are Dig Inn, Chop’t, Little Muenster, Sprinkles Cupcakes and some sort of healthy pizza shop.

In all there will be more than 1o food options, which finally make being an office worker downtown just as OK as being an office worker in Midtown or somewhere else  in the city where chain spots aren’t the only reliable options come lunch time.


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