Find A Great Lamb Sandwich On A Budget At French Cafe Gourmand

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I haven’t checked in with French Cafe Gourmand since they opened on Maiden Lane (btw. B’way & Nassau) last May. Since then the place seems to have cultivated a following judging by the steady stream of customers ordering quiche, soup and sandwiches from the affable counter workers. The focus is on French-tinged sandwiches but they have a few like an Indian curried chicken one that stray a bit outside the norm. I had spotted a lamb sandwich on the menu and was intrigued to see how the French did it, and because it was a steal at less than $8.


The lamb sandwich ($7.80) is no $5 footlong, but is a good size. You get a sourdough baguette filled with a nice amount of braised leg of lamb, some romaine lettuce and a nice sauce that involves roasted peppers.


The lamb wasn’t tough at all and I appreciated it was in small enough pieces that I didn’t pull all of the meat out when I took a bite. The only downfall is that the inside of the otherwise great baguette got unappealingly soggy from the lamb juices in the short amount of time from when I bought it and consumed it. That’s probably not a deal breaker for most people, I realize.

I’m happy that there’s another good source of sandwiches in the Financial District and I look forward to trying out the quiche or one of the other items on offer, especially since the prices are on par or better than the generic delis in the area.

French Cafe Gourmand, 9 Maiden Lane (btw. B’way & Nassau St.), (646) 756-4911


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