Toast Monster Cart Starts Carbo Loading The FiDi

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Yet another new cart has made its way to the Financial District, as Midtown contributor Brian tells us. This one’s called Toast Monster and it doesn’t serve overpriced juices, but it does have toasted sandwiches involving Nutella and cheese (not together). He learned that they’ve been around for a few weeks, used to set up in Tribeca, and that they may or may not be back in the FiDi on Thursday, but could be here next Wednesday. You can take a look at the menu they were serving at Maiden Lane btw. Front & Water yesterday straight ahead.

toast monster menu
Toast Monster’s jam seems to be the sweet French toast sandwich with nutella, peanut butter or maple syrup for $3. There’s also a grilled chicken parm on toast for $7, a toasted mozzarella or pepper jack sandwich for $4, and something involving lemon curd for $4. They don’t use their Twitter to announce where they’re parked very often, but it’s there. This sounds like a great place to go for an afternoon snack, especially with hot apple cider on offer.

Toast Monster Cart, on Twitter and the Web


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