Mexico Blvd. Proves That Sometimes A Straight Up, Non-Fusion Taco Is Best

There’s been no shortage of food trucks serving tacos appearing over the last couple of years, but nearly all of them have been fused with some other cuisine. We now have tacos mixed with BBQ, Korean, Japanese and tofu edamame falafel, but sometimes you just need a taco filled with deliciously-spiced pork. The Mexico Blvd. truck is where to go when you want a straightforward taco that you might encounter in Mexico, and as I found on a recent visit, they’re representing just fine.

Your choices are pretty simple: taco or torta filled with one of four meats. They also have guacamole and chips and seem to have a vegetarian option every day although I’m not sure about that. However, if you don’t eat meat this may not be the best truck for you to grab lunch from. I appreciate that you can order as many tacos as you like ($3 each) and mix and match fillings. The tortas have avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion, sour cream and jalapenos and are $8.

Since I was unsure how large the tacos were or if they were single or double tortilla affairs I ordered a pastor (pork in three chiles sauce) and tinga (chicken in tomato and chipotle), figuring I could order more if I was still hungry. They turned out to be large with plenty of meat and sauce and two was all I needed. I also got mine extra spicy which I would not recommend unless you’re a heat fiend.

The pork was my favorite of the two, if only because the chicken was super saucy and made the tortillas soggy before I had a chance to eat the whole taco. That being said, they were both flavorful and some of the best tacos I can remember eating recently.

They’ve been parking at the WFC food truck lot and the Lent Space lot at Varick & Grand (where they happen to be today) a couple of days a week. Check our ML Downtown Twitter Tracker post in the morning to see where you can catch them.

Mexico Blvd. Truck, on Twitter and the Web, (646) 678-0976


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