Parisi Bakery: For Those Times You Just Want A Big Italian Sandwich

The moment I stepped into Parisi Bakery on Mott St. (btw. Kenmare & Spring), I knew whatever sandwich I decided to get, it was going to be good. The line was out the door when I got there, reminding me of equally tiny and popular Italian sandwich shop Alidoro. Also refreshing in this neighborhood of trendy cafes: The guys making sandwiches were middle-aged and definitely not wearing skinny jeans. Based on the sandwich I ordered, I can say the wait in the lunch-rush line is worth it.

There are some pre-configured sandwich options like parms or one called The Dennis which the Internet tells me involves a chicken cutlet, prosciutto, tomato, balsamic vinegar or pesto and fresh mozzarella. I decided to make my own creation with roasted turkey, mozz, roasted peppers and basil spread on a seeded hero. It cost me $9.50 and was a good size.

The turkey is Boar’s Head, although it was freshly sliced by a guy in a white T-shirt who went outside for a smoke after making my sandwich. If you’re ordering a cold sandwich, I’d highly suggest you ask for a smear of the basil spread which is fresh basil leaves and a bit of oil. It’s fabulous and made what could have been an OK turkey sandwich great.

If you don’t have a problem paying $8 to $10 for an Italian sandwich, definitely give Parisi a shot.

Parisi Bakery, 198 Mott St. (btw. Spring & Kenmare), (212) 226-6378


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