It Took Two Years, But I Finally Tried Snack’s Lamb Sandwich

I have a bunch of places on a literal “to eat” list and Greek restaurant Snack on Thompson (btw. Spring & Prince) is near the top of that list, as it’s been on there almost since the beginning of my taking over as editor of ML Downtown. More than one Profiled Lunch’er has mentioned how delicious their lamb sandwich is, but its $10 price tag and the fact that there was always some new food truck spawning kept making me forget about it. Well, you’ll be happy to know that I finally made it up to Soho to review this sandwich, and due to my procrastination it’s now out of the ML price range.

The lamb sandwich is listed on Snack’s Web site at $10, but I was charged $12 so it’s outside of the usual ML price cap. After eating the sandwich, though, I honestly didn’t mind spending that much because it was really good and a substantial size. There’s a fair amount of lamb that’s been partly shredded, which works well because otherwise all of the meat would come out if you bit into it. There was some arugula, tomato, a couple of slices of red onion and some sort of red peppery sauce that helped moisten the substantial ciabatta roll. In fact, my only problem with this sandwich stemmed from the chewy bread that made it difficult to get a good bite without everything squishing out the end.

There are other sandwiches at Snack that are less than $10, but I think if you’re a meat eater this is the one you want. It’s easily the best lamb sandwich I’ve eaten, even if it did take me a couple of years to get around to trying it.

Snack, 105 Thompson St. (btw. Spring & Prince), (212) 925-1040


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    I really like the lamb sandwich from Snack, but it is over $10 so I only have it every once in a while. I never had any problem biting into the sandwich and keeping everything in it. I am unsure what I did to avoid that.

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