First Look: Kortako’s Kor-Mex Fusion Comes In A Million Different Combinations

I was not expecting the new Kortako (Tagline: “It’s Tako! not Taco…”) on Nassau (btw. John & Fulton) to be so uncrowded on opening day, but it was probably a good thing since the place is essentially a long hallway. The space is extremely narrow and since you have to order from the end of the counter farthest from the entrance, you’re left smooshing yourself up against the wall behind people who are ordering/paying. That being said, I had studied the menu beforehand and decided what carby delivery vehicle I wanted my Korean/Mexican fusion food to come in, and you can see the burrito with two types of kimchi that I ended up with straight ahead. 

The price is dependent not on whether you get a burrito, tacos or one of the other options like a rice bowl, but what kind of protein you order. The most expensive are the beef options and the cheapest is the lone vegetarian offering of tofu. I went with the middle road of spicy pork ($7.59). It’s after you decide on your protein that ordering is slightly complicated although laid out pretty much like Chipotle or a million other lunch spots that force you to make food-related decisions on the spot. You get three toppings and a sauce of your choice and I went with romaine lettuce, seared kimchi and tomato salsa with Korean hot sauce. The burritos come with either white, brown or kimchi fried rice and I went with the last option because, well, we here at Downtown Lunch like to have things fried whenever possible.

Between the pork and kimchi fried rice this was one greasy burrito, so beware of an inch of red grease lurking at the bottom. Other than that, this thing was delicious. While I got two kinds of kimchi, that wasn’t the overwhelming flavor, and it wasn’t overly spicy either. The pork was great and the tomato salsa and lettuce were just kind of there trying the make this thing a tad more healthy.

If I went back, I’d probably get the tacos which I enjoyed at Bon Chon on John, or the cold vermicelli noodles. Did anyone else check Kortako out on opening day?

Kortako, 80 Nassau St. (btw. John & Fulton), (212) 964-4625


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