Biryani House Moves One Of Its Carts

For a brief time there were two carts bearing the name Biryani House operating side by side on Liberty St. & Broadway. One specialized strictly in curries while the other focused on biryani, chicken tikka and kati rolls as well as regular street meat. Well, it looks like that second cart has moved over to the little plaza on William St. & Maiden Lane selling biryani and curry to those who aren’t interested in the many chain establishments up the block. Update: This cart is now permanently docked on William btw. Maiden & John outside of Zeytuna.



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    Why couldn’t it move further South? I’m stuck all the way past Bowling Green and LOVE Biryani House’s kati rolls and biryani but normally do not have the time to trek all the way to Liberty Plaza!

  • Well that’s good news, I got tired of walking over there in this heat and now its just around the corner.

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