Shake Shack Makes Its Debut Downtown, And Everybody Wants A Taste

I knew before heading out to the new Shake Shack on Murray St. (btw. West & N. End Ave.) in Battery Park City that I would be in for a wait. As I walked up I could see the mass of people waiting from a block away and steeled myself. Although I did have to wait in line for 30 minutes, and then wait a bit longer for food, I’d have to say they were ready for the crowds. And I rewarded myself for my wait by ordering one of the downtown-themed concretes.

There is plenty of seating both inside and out although I have a feeling there will be a lot of people grabbing food and taking it to their desk to eat, because that’s what people seem to do down here.

There are the familiar Shake Shack offerings: Burgers, hot dogs, custard, fries. They’ll also have beer and wine once a liquor license comes through.

The thing I was most excited about was the three flavors of downtown-themed concretes because it’s always nice to have an excuse to eat something sweet and frozen and call it lunch.

I also ordered a single Shack Burger ($4.50) for quality-control purposes. I can report that it was great and I also appreciated that I could get it without tomato since they’re generally crappy this time of year.

And you’ll have to forgive me because instead of ordering fries (they’re the crinkled kind, and damned tasty, in case you’re not in the know) I got the Lower West Side concrete ($6.50). The chocolate base, marshmallow swirl and crunches of cocoa nibs were well-worth breaking the ML budget, especially since it was 90 degrees outside. In the future I might just get one of these and call it lunch.

Basically if you’ve eaten at a Shake Shack you know what you’re in store for here. Now that we have this and Five Guys there can be no complaints about not finding any good burgers in Lower Manhattan.

Shake Shack, 215 Murray St. (btw. West & N. End Ave.), (646) 545-4600



  • Oh yes. Custard. Burger. MEHAPPY.

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    I love Shake Shack so much! It’s my favorite spot to go for cheap food in NYC. The shroom burger is superb.
    It is a pain to wait in line there, but SO WORTH IT! To pass the time, go to this hilarious blog, In Line Waiting ( and read some funny tips on how to pass time while waiting in line.

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