Downtown Links (The “Our Lunch Options Are Growing Exponentially” Edition)

Falafel: Not too photogenic, but it sure is cheap! Courtesy of Lunch Studio.

  • Ba’al Cafe has a dirt cheap falafel platter. [Lunch Studio]
  • Did you know Battery Place Market has a fabulous prepared food section? [Serious Eats NY]
  • A roundup of more new food trucks fighting for precious parking spots. [Urban Daddy]
  • When Rhong Tiam opens in the FiDi you can be a VIP! [Grub St.]
  • Meet the man behind Tribeca’s Jr Sushi. [Tribeca Citizen]


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  • Ba’al Cafe is really excellent. I’ve eaten their Ba’al Sandwich as Za’ataar flatbread a few times. The Za’ataar is sooo good.

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